Why Are My Occipital Glands Swollen And Painful At The Base Of My Skull Behind My Head?


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Assuming that you’re talking about the occipital lymph node, you need to talk to a doctor. Given that this is a relatively difficult thing to diagnose, you can’t be sure that you’re going to get a diagnosis online. Even if you do find the right diagnosis, there’s still no real way of knowing whether or not you have got the diagnosis right!

This swollen lymph node can be due to an infection in the occipital area, and this can be rather difficult to treat. Your doctor will be able to provide you with the right medical or treatment to ensure that this infection is gotten rid of and is controlled. They will be able to perform a full diagnosis and medical check to ensure that there is nothing else more serious that is causing the problem.

One of the reasons you should not use the Internet to get a diagnosis is that the information could become scary. For instance, one of the causes of your symptoms is actually cancer. This is not something you should be hearing from the Internet, but instead something you need to hear from your doctor - hence, my previous point about getting in touch with your doctor still stands. You need to go to your local practice or hospital with an appointment, and make sure that the doctor performs a full check out on you. They will be able to determine whether it’s simply an infection or something more serious - but even if it is something serious like cancer, the very fact that you are seeking treatment is incredibly important. This means that you’ll have a fighting chance of getting rid of it, should you actually have it in the first place.
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The swollen glands which you are referring, I assume you mean swollen occipital lymph node. Firstly this can be diagnosed by doctor. The swollen occipital lymph node are due to infection in occipital area. This can also be due to cancer. MRI can differentiate.

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