When I Burp, I Feel Like A Real Light Pop In My Left Ear. It Doesn't Hurt, But It Does Bother Me, I Feel Like My Ears Are Dirty , But There Not.


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There can be many reasons for it. It can be an infection of ear or during bathing some water went in and causing problem when you burp. Please visit the following website to get to know about different ear diseases and symptoms.
Ear Diseases
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yeah i had the same problem after i took a shower at first it hurt but then it stopped hurting then id feel a popping sound when i burped or blow my nose now its only burping and the feeling of the popping isn't as strong as before, so i'm starting to thing till get better by tomorrow if it doesn't , i'm going to the doctors
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I have the same thing man :O I'm really worried! I read an article and it can maybe signal your going deaf :|

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