What Would Cause The Top Of The Foot To Hurt And Swell? The Pain Increases To A Cramp If The Foot Is Extended


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Swelling and foot cramps are something that many people experience from time to time. There are many different reasons why foot cramps may develop. Some have to do with nutrition, while other bouts are due to excess strain on the feet themselves. In your case it could be due to strain on your tendon. Pain and swelling in the top of the foot can be due to inflammation of the flexor tendon.
One of the more common reasons for foot cramps is simple fatigue. Cramps can occur when the feet are tired from walking or standing for extended periods of time. This can be especially true when the walking or standing takes place on a hard and unforgiving surface, such as concrete. Often, adding some cushioning inserts to the shoes will help to minimise some of the stress and strain placed on the feet and help eliminate frequent foot cramps.
Foot pain and cramping may also be a sign of decreased circulation. When the blood flow to the extremities is not what it should be, those extremities do not receive enough oxygen. When it comes to the feet, an inadequate supply of oxygen can cause muscles in the feet to cramp. Addressing the health issue that is causing the decreased circulation will help to minimise the cramps.
A lack of essential vitamins and minerals can also lead to foot cramps. Low potassium levels often cause cramps in both the legs and feet. Nutritional deficiencies can be corrected by eating a balanced diet and using supplements to provide the body with anything it is not getting from the food. A foot cramp due to poor nutrition can be reversed within a matter of days when the body begins to receive the right balance of vitamins and minerals on a daily basis.
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The pain and inflammation n the top of the foot can be due to inflammation of the flexor tendon. It require X-ray, Ct or MRI scan to find out reasons. I advised you to visit a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.
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I have this exact same pain in the top of my right foot.   It started getting bad the more I hike.   I think it has something to do with the tendant in the top of your foot, that control your toes.

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