What Is A Home Remedy For Killing Lice?


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Head lice can be a huge problem, especially for mothers who have children with heads full of lice. Children usually get them at schools, playgroups and other places. Lice are not easy to get rid of but I have a tested and reliable home remedy which works hundred percent! It will not only kill the rice but will also condition and soften your hair. The following is what you need: You will definitely be amazed beyond words at the results this remedy prodcues. Take the following:
• one jar of real mayonnaise (usually store brand is best for use and cheap too)
• a few teaspoons full of white vinegar
• Hundred percent pure tea tree oil
• One spray bottle.

Now to prepare the remedy you should Mix some mayonnaise and some vinegar in a bowl. Mix the two until the mixture looks like cake batter. It should be a little thick but still slightly runny. Then pour about 8 to 10 drops of tea tree oil in the mixture and stir well. The smell of this mixture will be strong but don't worry about it as the smell will come out after shampooing. Now separate the hair into various sections of about one inch and put the mixture in it. You should make sure that you have put the mixture all over your scalp area of the separated sections of hair and then also spread the mixture all down the length of your hair. The easiest way of doing it is to start at the back of your head and go up towards the top of your head. Once you have done wrap your hair up with a clip on the top of your head, if you have long hair and place a shower cap on your hair. You can also use a grocery bag if you do not have a shower cap. Leave it on your head for at least two hours.
After two hours, rinse your hair with plain water till the water runs clear. Then comb with a narrow tooth comb. The dead lice will come off, so will the eggs, as the vinegar helps in the removing the glue that holds the eggs. Repeat the treatment again after seven days. And you will be lice free!
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You can also use vaseline in their hair and do the same thing. Although the vaseline is hard to get out of the hair it does kill the lice and eggs.
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Hi I am A single mother I have a 9 yr old daughter that brought home lice, I tried the mayonnaise treatment and I think and PRAY they are gone, I also have gotten it and have done the treatment My daughter has had it for 3 months and I have spent 100.s of dollars for over the counter remedy I hope this worked Thank you for sharing your ideas..... Sincerely grateful in Rochester NY.
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Mayo works good, please do not use store bought shampoos, my child had lice that were hard to get rid of, we used all kind of store bought stuff and she lost all of her hair on top, doctors said it wa the chemicals. So your better off with home remedies.
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Use some ayurveda treatment from parijatak ayurveda
  • Head lice (Pediculus humanus capitis): This type of lice develops on the scalp and neck. The lice actually attach their eggs to the base of the hair shafts. So head lice always equates to lice in hair. Head lice is typically most obvious or visible at the nape of the neck and over the ears. An infestation with head lice is also called pediculosis.
  • Body lice: These lice live in clothing and on bedding and move onto your skin to feed. Body lice most often affect people who aren’t able to bathe or launder clothing regularly, such as homeless or transient individuals.
  • Pubic lice: Also called crabs, this variety of lice infestation occurs on the hair and skin of the pubic area. Less often it can occur on coarse body hair like that of the chest, eyebrows or eyelashes.

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You can't just treat your head for lice you also have to treat all your bedding, cushions and clothing.
Your clothes and bedding are easy enough to wash in hot water, the pillows can go through the dryer on a high cycle to kill the eggs. Yuk, my granddaughter had a sleep over at my house several years ago with head lice, I washed everything she touched, including the bath towels and wash cloths. I recommend you Natural home remedies through this you get instant of knowledge about Herbal remedies .

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Use a 'nit comb' and comb through wet hair. (Use a little force when applying through the hair as this will enable you to reach the head lice on the scalp not just on the hair.
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I have very long hair, I catch lice almost every year and I'm in 8th grade I guess I will try it with mayonnaise

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