What's Your Silliest Drunk Experience?


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The silliest drunk experience I had was on march 25, 2006. I was 21 and it was my first time ever being drunk. I was at my friends' house and her husband had him a coke and rum. He had gotten an instant buzz b/c he'd tried drinking on an empty stomach. So he dozed off. Meanwhile I was with him and I drank two tall cups of hennessy mixed with ginger ale. By the time I was finished with the second cup. I had gotten a buzz. But since my friend's cup was still full, he also had a tall cup, I had downed his drink like it was koolaid. When I went to put the cups in the sink, I came by into the living room and started to stagger tryna keep my balance, I was spinning in circles slurring out words. Then the next minute I had the giggles and started to laugh maniacally. Then I started to act like an Indian tapping my mouth with my hand making that noise and running around in circles chasing after myself. All the commotion had already awaken my friend. He sat there laughing at me and his brother came out of the room, recording me on video on his cell phone. I tried to go outside  to go home which was 15 minutes away and it was snowing and I walked outside barefooted jumping around in circles b/c of the snow touching my foot. I was about to fall down the stairs, but my friend caught me in time. Then, I went back in side and they pretended to shoot me and I fell out on the floor like I was dead and I imitating Linda Blair's "the exorcist" best impression and they fell out laughing at me. Then it felt like I had to vomit so I went the the bathroom and I was tryna throw up but I fell backwards into the bathtub and hit my head on the wall. I started to laugh myself and couldn't stop. At the same time I was telling my friends this isn't funny, but I was laughing like crazy. I was too drunk to get myself up and being silly, tried to use to faucet lever as leverage and turned the water on myself, screaming like the witch on the wizard of oz, I'm melting, melting. So they laughed like crazy and helped me out of the tub and I changed clothes, as the effect started to weaken and they gave me bread to coat my stomach, and everything was quiet and I fell asleep. I wouldn't say that I regretted it b/c I had so much fun but I didn't have fun throwing up afterwards. My stomach was burning. The second time was horrendous. I drank on an empty stomach. I know it was stupid, but peer pressure can be something. I mixed beer with liquor and I drank very sweet mixed drunks and I throw up at the club 5 times in the bathroom. I guess somebody saw me wasted  and told one of the security guards. They told my friend and I that we had to leave b/c I kept throwing up badly and I was passed out on the bathroom floor. What made it worse was the motion of the car when he was tryna take me home and I threw up about 8 more times on the interstate and once we got home I throw up one more time and went to bed. It was like the acid was burning my heart and my whole body was hot. So I turned the ac on and felt a little better. My mom was skeptical about me drinking b/c of her ordeal with my dad. He would talk smack and start things with her, and she'll chase him out the house with a knife or skillet. Alcoholism runs on both sides, but my dad side can't handle theirs. So I wouldn't want to get drunk again b/c I don't want to go through vomiting all the time and the queasy feeling in my stomach and b/c I don't want to have a drinking problem b/c of my family's history.
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Pamela Krueger
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Great story, but also very scary! You are one lucky dude! Sounds like you learned a valuable lesson and hopefully won't have any repeat incidences.
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I just rated your answer "Wow", but I wish there was a higher rating! Based on what you say about your family history and your own experiences, it doesn't sound like drinking is the best thing for you. Thank you for sharing your story and very best wishes to you!
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I have NEVER EVER drank and I NEVER will, either.It is a foolish and pointless thing to do.However, I have friends who drink whisky, and they get drunk by it. One of them once got so drunk that she cut herself with glass bottles and then passed out.I am continually beseeching my friends to stop their behaviour,but there's really not much I can do.
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I had the worst of experiences, wait my dear friend,
all our colleagues went to one hill station, one of our colleague had drunk so much, that we started vomiting in the room after having dinner. I along with two other colleagues cleaned the room.

What I mean even if you don't drink also these type of experiences happen
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I vomit on a police officer's shoes. I'll never drink again!
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Having to drive while a friend threw up in the front seat of my car with his head in a grocery bag.
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My friend and I got drunk on a school trip, we rode the bus back to school, had some "friends" rat us out. I went to the office and they sent me back to class. My friend had her mom go to the school and got into very serious trouble, she decided to run away. So she ran into my class yelling at me to help her run away, I being drunk still decided what a very good idea. We ran to my locker grabbed my makeup and jumped into my firebird and as I backed up I about ran over my friends grandmother who had chased us out of the building then as I pulled forward I about ran over my cousin who had also chased us out of the building. I then drove out of town blasting our music full blast. We came to 300 miles away from home! I called my mommy to come get us!! LOL!
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I was 14 years old and I was clubbing with my friends and boyfriend and I was very unhappy with my sandals because they were so ugly so I told my friends we'll get drunk tonight thinking that gettin drunk is sooo cool and I'm gna be laughing and joking around and making people laugh and it turned out I DID make ppl laugh at me hehe..I don't remember how many cups I drank because every glass I was seeing in front of me I was just gulloping it. It was horrible! I ended up numb, not hearing anything, not feeling anything and not seeing anything I was completely out of control. Everyone was coming to watch me because I was yelling and singing with my feet in the air. Then I went home trying not to look drunk so my mom won't notice YEAH UH-HUH hehe oh n of course I puked a lot a lot in my friend's car and it stank for like a week that was very embarassing. I woke up the next day wearing different socks on each foot hehehe..so that's basically it! On monday that week I was the subject of every conversation in school. =)
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So many answers involve vomiting it's enough to put a person off.....
I am happy to say it is possible to get a little drunk, but not so much you make an embarrassing exhibition of yourself.
I went to bed after imbibing a little too much (many years ago) and woke wondering why I was so uncomfortable. I had forgotten to take my bra off. Not really hilarious I know, but I was still tiddly and laughed myself silly.
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Letz c....drinkin w/ me is always fun because I stay me, just act sillier. Once I passed a guy I thought was cute and I turned around and yelled out to him "Hey you're sexy!". Lol. Another time I came home really drunk. I don't drink unless I'm at school so I was scared of making noise. I went downstairs to use the bathroom and I fell down the stairs on the way. I ended up waking everyone up anyway. They laughed at me but didn't know I was drunk (thank God). Drunk singing is the funniest thing ever tho, lol
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When I went to the 12th floor of a hotel, went to the balcony and saw the pool below. I thought I would dive in it doing a tripple back flip. I did and missed. The funeral was the next day. I was the guest of honor.
I guess the silliest drunk experience is the stories I come up with.
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I was at work and had to many drinks started talking about how I ran track in high school so I challenge my son to run against me
on your march get set, two step and their I go on the ground in front of everybody I work with

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