What Causes Feet And Toes To Draw And Cramp?


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  • What causes it to happen?

There are many different reasons that cramp, and the drawing effect, can occur in your feet and toes, some of which are more serious than others, but all of which must be closely examined by your doctor.

One of the main reasons that causes cramp to happen is poor circulation; cramp in the feet and toes, and indeed anywhere else in the body, is normally due to the muscle not receiving the quantities of oxygen that it needs in order for its cells to aerobically respire, forcing them to respire anaerobically instead. This leads to a build up of lactic acid in the muscle, and it is this that creates the excruciating pain that we know as cramp.

You may discover that you suffer from foot and toes cramps when there is a change in the hormone levels in your body. These should ease, or even stop altogether, when your muscles adjust to these alterations.

Pollution can also lead to an increase of cramp; if you live near to some form of factory then it may be likely that the toxins that they release into the air are causing you to feel this form of pain.

Also, if you have recently been prescribed with a new form medication, then this may be what is causing your toes to draw, as the chemicals found within them can change your body's chemical balance.

  • Keep hydrated

Finally, by drinking plenty of liquids, cramps can be prevented, as they can also be caused by the muscles not receiving the amount of water that they require. This dehydration can be caused through heavy drinking and smoking, and so by cutting down, you may remove the cause of the problem, especially so as these two risk factors also lead to high levels of toxins in the body, as well as bad circulation.
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The symptoms which your mentioning are of tarsal tunnel syndrome. There are may causes of this syndrome like
  1. Improper/wrong shoe
  2. Structural imbalance
  3. Obesity
  4. Rapid changes in foot movement.
It will be good to visit a doctor to diagnose proper cause and appropriate treatment. For more details, visit Arch pain.

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