What Could Cause A Little Toe To Go Numb?


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If the blood circulation in the feet is not proper, then the little toe tends to go numb.

Sometimes after waking up from long hours of sleep, one can find the toe numb which might occur due to wrong posture or sleeping disorders. It may indicate some effects on the roots in one's lower back. Different roots supply different areas of the skin as they exit from the spine. Certain weakness or pain in the spine may exaggerate this numbness further.

Even poorly fitted shoes and bad sandals can be the causes for numbness on the toe. Liver problems and inappropriate flow of blood can also bring about the numbness on the little toe. The little toe becoming numb can be due to causes that are intrinsic to the human body or for reasons external to it. The latter would mostly be related to the way human beings sleep or the types of footgear they wear.
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Exposure to cold, too tight shoes or socks, a pinched nerve in your spinal cord, sitting in a certain position for a period of time. Diabetes, elevating your feet above your head for too long, and many other things, if it continues get seen by a Dr.
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Poor circulation to that area, could have to do with how cold it is, in what position it has been held, what shoes you have worn, or if there has been cause for any nerve damage to it
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I am not sure but I have exactly the same thing on the same toe - has been like it for about 4 days now and is the strangest sensation. I don;t wear closed shoes so the foot is not constricted. There does not seem to be a circulation problem as the colour is healthy.
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Numbs can be result of involvement of nerves. If nerves supplying your little is entrapped or damaged then numbness can occur. You should get advice from doctor.
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Probably not enough circulation or blood flow to your feet, maybe you sat them. Or maybe they got cold. Or you could be diabetic.
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There could be a plethora of reasons why. Go to the doctor.... Better safe than sorry.
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I get that a lot and I have messed up knees so that might have something to do with what's going on with you.
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my son is 18,and complained of red and numb toes yesterday he is other wise a healthy boy. What could this be/

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