Is The HIV/AIDS Virus Gram-positive Or Gram-negative?


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Firstly HIV is a virus. Viruses do not stain gram positive or negative to a gram stain. Plus they are way too small to be seen under a normal microscope. Its bacteria that stain negative or positive to a gram stain with a very few exceptions and no HIV is a virus not a bacteria. HIV= Human immunodeficiency virus
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A Gram-negative bacteria is the one that does not retain crystal violet dye in the Gram staining protocol whereas a Gram-positive bacteria is the one that retains a crystal violet dye during the Gram stain process. HIV Virus can be caused by both these bacteria.
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The answer from Aicha is correct except for the last sentence, which is completely false. "Gram" stains for peptidoglycan, a structure found in BACTERIAL cell membranes. Gram-positive bacteria (e.g. Staphylococcus aureus) have an abundance of peptidoglycan but Gram-negative bacteria (e.g. Pseudomonas aeruginosa) have much less. HIV is a virus, not a bacterium, so can't be Gram-stained as it has no peptidoglycan. Therefore, HIV is neither Gram-pos or neg.

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