Where Did Trichomoniasis Originate From?


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Trichomoniasis, or trich, as it is more commonly known, is a sexually transmitted infection caused by a parasite known as trichomonas vaginalis.

Origins of trichomoniasis

As with all sexually transmitted infections or diseases, most came about as a result of bacterial mutations which were present in one person's genitals.

This bacteria created an infection by mutating which would have created a completely new strain of bacteria, which we now know as the infection. When the carrier of this bacteria had sexual intercourse with another person, the genital contact passed this bacterial strain on, most likely through bodily fluids.

The receiver of that infection then passed it onto their next sexual partner, then they passed it onto their next sexual partner and so on through that same process.

Symptoms of trichomoniasis

This STI doesn't always show symptoms but the most likely, and obvious is a stinging in the genitals when urinating, which occurs with both genders. With women a green/yellow discharge may also occur with a strong odour present. Soreness and itching may also be present in both genders genitals if you contract this STI.

What should I do if I think I have this STI?

If you are worried that you have contracted this STI it is best to visit your doctor or local sexual health clinic whom will be able to do a urine test and prescribe antibiotics to treat it.

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