What Are Home Remedies For Hiatus Hernia And Gastro Indigestion?


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About hiatus hernia, raise the head of your bed on 6 inch blocks or place a wedge of wood under the head portion of the mattress. This allows gravity to help keep stomach acid in the stomach when you are lyind down. Elevating the head of the bed works better than sleeping on several pillows. Eat smaller meals as large meals make it more difficult for the sphincter to keep food and acid in the stomach . Avoid eating anything for 3 to 4 hours before lying down or going to sleep.
Avoid foods or beverages that can interfere with the normal function of the sphincter muscle. Keep your weight down. Avoid tight clothes that bind the abdomen.

Eat fresh yogurt for indigestion problem. Don't eat a lot of acidic foods. 1 tsp. Of baking soda in water. Stir it good and add ice. It works.

Drink ginger tea in other timings.
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Home remedies include over the counter antacids, remaining in an upright position at least 30 minutes after meals, placing the head of your bed on 3-6 inch blocks to slightly elevate it. Good Luck.

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