What Would Cause Pain In Front Of Left Leg, Mainly Thigh And Below Knee? I Was Unable To Put Any Pressure On Leg For A Few Days, Now Just Numbness And Tingling Along With Spasm Like Pain.


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Visit to a rheumatologest and go for MRI. Also get electrolyte investigations. The MRI is necessary as this pain can be the beginning of MS.
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It could be sciatic nerve damage. Have you had any falls or accidents before this happened.And also, another sign is fybromyalgia. Ask your dr please. God Bless
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Hi I have had the same thing. X rays show problems with my hips and a bone growth. Hope that helps. Get your gp to refer you to the hospital.
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What would cause throbbing pain in left outside of lowe thigh, just above the left knee but on the outside.

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