I Can Move My Leg Up And Down With No Pain. Bend My Knee With No Pain Back And Fourth. As I Try To Lift My Leg To Cross It Over My Left Leg, I Get A Sharp Pain Starting Mid Outside Thigh Radiating Slightly Across Front Of Thigh Down Toward Knee.any Suggestion?


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I am having the same problem as well. But I can't lift my leg when I sit. I can only lift is a few inches. I broke my ankle after falling down some stairs a year ago and never really payed too much attention to the fact when I put my socks on my left leg I had to pick it up and pull it so I could get them on. I told my friend about it and she had me sit in a chair and try to lift it in the hair as high as I could. I tried and failed. I couldn't lift it too far. It felt like a force was just keeping me from doing it. It doesn't hurt when I attempt this, but I just can't do it. I am going to the doctor today to find out what my next step is. I also suffered from a blood clot in the same leg due to the cast, so this leg is so messed up. It swells all the time. I really messed it up when I fell. I just hope this can be fixed. I also have herniated disks in my lower back, middle, and neck. I am only 29. I need some major work. I hope you get things figured out.
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This sounds like a problem involving the L4-L5 lumbar disc area.  Touch the tops of both feet with a straw from a broom.  Just run the straw over the top of the foot.  Do you notice a difference in sensation from right to left, with the right foot feeling less of the straw?    Do the same thing to the outer calf on both sides.  Less sensation on the right?  Make an appointment with an orthopedic doctor.
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My partner had the same problem I don't know your age but my partner is 57. When he was diagnosed they said he needed a wash out of the knee. As where the joints are on the legs all grit and bits of bone gather there. Ask your doc for a xray and this will soon tell you
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Its your Hip joint. Crossing your legs is not good for your hips in general. But if it brings pain you may  want to check it out at the chiropractor of have xrays.

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