What Is The Cause Of Swollen Ankles And Calves With Tingling And A Red Splotchy Rash On Front Of Legs?


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Swollen ankles result from various infections, aging and sometimes from side effects of strong medication. Hence, finding out the exact reason for the swelling is the first priority. After determining the reason, one should proceed to find the treatment accordingly.

  • Accumulation of uric acid crystals in between the bones causes painful inflammation which makes the ankles swollen. The space in between bones is replaced by ligaments and a special type of fluid that works as lubricant for the gliding surfaces.

  • People who are overweight can also face the same condition in spite of the fact they may not have any medical ailments as mentioned earlier. The extra force caused by excess weight on the bones can be very harmful to the ligaments in between them, causing thinning and swelling in this area; particularly common in the ankles.

  • The tingling and aching of calves makes them very uncomfortable to keep stable. This is caused by the temporary malfunction of the neural system. It can also be attributed to other hormonal effects.

  • A red splotchy rash is an inflammatory reaction or allergic response of the skin. It is seen especially in the legs. This may extend to the feet in time if proper treatment and steps are not taken. Such rashes do not restrict themselves to a particular age group. They are seen in all age groups and all demographics. They can affect a small area like a patch to larger area like a notebook to both of the legs totally. A red splotchy rash could be a sign of a minor condition but may in turn might lead to permanent allergies, which in turn require powerful anti allergy medication day to day.

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