Can You Describe Dementia?


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Dementia is best described as a progressive brain dysfunction that causes a decline in cognitive function (which is the ability to understand, comprehend and process information).

Generally a person suffering from dementia starts to show changes in behaviour and personality. Some tend to have attention and language problems or they can get lost even in familiar surroundings. In the later stages, their short-term memory, reaction time and motor skills also get adversely affected.

It is generally seen in people over the age of 65 and is caused by damage or disease related to the brain. Among the diseases that bring on dementia, the most common is Alzheimer's. As a person grows older, his chances of getting this disease increases.Women are more prone to Alzheimer's than men. Less than 10 % of all dementia cases can be reversed.
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Right now my mother knows who people are, but forgets their names. I'm an only child and she still remembers my name. Is it only a matter of time before she forgets it. Will she forget who I am all together. So far she has not been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, but has been diagnosed with dementia that has progressed over time.

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