I Have Just Been Diagnosed With A Non-functioning Gallbladder. The Ejection Fracture Is 3%. Surgery Is Needed. I Keep Reading About People Who Gain Weight After Surgery. Is This The Normal?


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Robert Wilbur answered
Two people in my family have had their gallbladder removed and neither gained weight.
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R Maye answered
I had my gall bladder removed a few years back. I have gained weight but not because of my surgery. I gained weight because I love ice cream and cookies!
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My gallbladder is functioning 17 percent.I'm afraid of an attack at anytime.should i have surgery?
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I read on Internet people saying that they gain weight after having their gallbladder removed, Is it true? Do you gain weight after having your gallbladder removed?
kathleen johnson
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well weight gain is not the issue it seems like your health is important right now had my gall bladder removed last year and have not gained best thing no more attacks the attacks are worse then the surgery
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The Gall Bladder has nothing to do with weight gain. I had mine removed several years ago and it never caused me to have weight gain.
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Paula Null answered
I know several people who have had cholecystectomies (gall bladder removed) and none of them have gained weight.

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