My Son Was Diagnosed With Peritonsillar Cellulitis And Needs Surgery. How Severe Is This Condition?


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It's not too bad. The advantage of surgery is to prevent it from progressing to a truly awful and potentially life threatening condition, called a peritonsillar abscess (quinsy). Read more about quinsy on blurtit.

I'm a little unsure, though, since you say he requires surgery; this suggest that he already has progressed to the abscess stage. Normally cellulitis can be treated (made to go away) with just antibiotics. I'm sure your doctors know best, though, I am not attempting to second guess them. Perhaps this case is just on the border between being peritonsillar cellulitis and being peritonsillar abscess. Or if the infection is chronic and recurring, taking out the tonsils may be the best way of keeping it from becoming something much worse.

Just be glad that surgery is a reasonable option. People died of quinsy in the past (supposedly it's what George Washington died of).

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