My Hands Go Numb & Tingly For No Reason, What Could It Be?


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It could be a number of reasons. For example, it could be due to sleeping on your hands throughout the night or not stretching them for a long period of time. However, there are some more serious conditions that consist of damaged nerves and diseases which will need to be diagnosed. If this feeling continues or worsens then you should consult a medical professional immediately. The medical term for the sensation of numbness and tingling in hands is known as peripheral neuropathy.

In the more serious cases, the feeling of numbness in your hands may indicate that you may have suffered a stroke, especially if the numbness is felt on one side of the body. This is known as a transient ischemic attack, which is occasionally referred to as a mini stroke, in which the blood flow is temporarily interrupted and a sense of numbness takes over. In serious cases these are signs that a stroke may occur soon.

Another reason why you are experiencing this could be due to diabetic nerve compression. It is caused by the compression and swelling of the nerve due to significantly high blood sugar levels. In order to treat this you can go on certain medication that would need to be prescribed to you or you could go on a diet and exercise regime to return the blood sugar levels back to normality.

Moreover, it may be a symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome in which the carpal tunnel, which is located on the interior side of the wrist, has been compressed by repetitive wrist actions or a certain disease. This then restricts the normal function of the nerves to the hand and fingers. You can cure this condition through physical therapy or surgery depending on the severity of it.
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Could be circulation. Sounds like a symptom of anxiety, blood vessels constrict in the 'fight or flight' response cutting off blood from the extremities. There are some illness like Raynaud's syndrome where this kind of thing happens. You should advise her to get it checked out in case it's a central nervous system thing. Get things caught early and you can avoid all kinds of unpleasant things later on.
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I sometimes get this from overuse of the computer/mouse. I think muscles tighten around nerves and blood vessels?
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Ooh zwanger, that sounds like carpal tunnel syndrome. Maybe you're resting your wrist on the same place all the time and making your nerve endings go twang. Try putting your mouse at the edge of the table so you've got nothing to rest your wrist on.
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-my fingers go numb when I sleep and after some time it disappears what is the reason
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Hi casper2265,

It sounds like carpal tunnel syndrome to me. I suggest that your sister-in-law call her doctor for an appointment.

Hope all goes well!

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My wife's hand goes numb and stiff when she grabs something, sometimes just for no apparent reason, I don't know if this helps but she also gets these little bruises for no reason, Why?
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Zwanger, thats the same thing thats been happening to me recently, thats why I googled it :P
thanks Karmabum, I'll try that.
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It could the beginning of Carpal Tunnel syndrome, Nerves are compressed at the carpal tunnel in the wrist. Surgery maybe wrok.
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It kind of depends.  If it happens when she has her arms bent or resting on something it sounds like it could be carpaltunel...(I don't really know how to spell that) also if it a painful kind of tingle that is a sign of the same disease.  If it is when her arms are just at her side it could be from poor circulation.  Either way it would be a good idea to get it checked out.

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