Can Anxiety And Panic Attacks Kill You?


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Here is how it works--

(Short answer): No. An anxiety attack or a panic attack can not kill you.

(Longer answer): But (studies do show) that a pattern of years and years of anxiety or panic attacks (which causes a life of high-stress) can increase your chance of heart problems (when you are a lot older).

Just think of it as high stress. In the short run (and the medium-run), it won't hurt you.

But in the very long-run, years of high stress could.

Thats scientifically backed up--

So will a single panic attack hurt you. Not at all.

But will years and years of anxiety problems and resulting high-stress hurt you? Maybe.

**If your panic attacks are social in nature (due to social anxiety or social phobia problems, which I have) here is a good self-help resource (that has helped me a lot)-- "Twelve Gentle Steps to Overcoming Social Anxiety"
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According to research anxiety and panic attacks nomatter how bad they are, would NEVER KILL you. They can get worse and traumatize you but will never be deadly. You just need to learn to deal with them so that you can get okey without having to go to hospital. Learn how to deal with stress which is the main cause of these attacks.
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The Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT for short, has proven amazingly effective in helping during, and after panic or anxiety attacks. You may feel like you're dying when it's happening, but if you can just tap on your collarbone, you will experience some relief. Once you are lucid enough to think, you can use EFT for whatever the trigger was, and the pain and emotions you felt during it, many people have eliminated Panic attacks using eft.
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No soon the nervous feeling goes away. You're not going to die.

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To put it simply, no you cannot.

Does this mean you shouldn't be seeking a proper solution for your anxiety? Of course not!

I remember when my cousin was dealing with severe anxiety attacks on a regular basis. Coincidentally, her panic attacks were occurring because of this internal fear of dying. Everyone has their own reasons after all.

BUT, you will not die because of the panic attacks themselves.

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Panic attacks can feel like imminent death, insanity, fainting, or some other terrible loss of control. So it's helpful to know something about what a panic attack can, and can't, do to you. If you have anxiety attacks and phobias, it can be very hard to believe that you're not in danger.

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