How Can I Get Rid Of Anxiety?


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Sorry Skunky .. but, respectfully, I have to disagree with you about 'it's all in your head' .. For some, THAT is simply not the case.

Chronic Anxiety is never as easy as THAT... at least not for everyone.

I know all too well how it can be a devastating and uncontrollable even unconsolable disorder. I have members of my family who suffer from it .. my son, quite severely.

It's is not a choice .. for anyone. For some, it takes a lot of discipline involving limitations of certain foods, of behaviours, of activities and even an implentation of medications. For THOSE .. it is not a matter of simply choosing to not feel the way they do.
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So far what works for me is... Celexa (anti-anxiety's pill) inderal (also a pill for that) and lots of faith in god, meditation, and cbt (cognitive behavioral tharapy) all this things in combo help a lot, especially cbt, if you keep going to the place or people that scare you or make you feel anxious the less impact it will have, its very hard to do this but it actually does work, just don't flood your self by doing a fearful thing full throttle all at the same  time, ease into it lil by lil and the more you do it the easier it is. BUT TRUST ME, I AM A LONG TIME SUFFERER WHO HAS TRYED ALMOST EVEYTHING, I'm NOT PERFECT AND don't HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS AND IN FACT I STILL GET ANXIOUS AT TIMES, BUT ITS A HECK OF A LOT LESS LIFE-STIFLING THEN IT WAS BEFORE I GOT PRO-ACTIVE ABOUT CONTROLLING IT. GOOD LUCK, AND GOD BLESS!!
It's horrible feeling like this. I suffered on and off now for 5 years. One of the ways that I found to help my self was to find a way to actually boost my own confidence. For example if you are good at something - woodwork or baking cakes or painting or dress making, try and put your mind into making/doing something. Once completed, and you are happy with the results, hopefully you will feel proud of what it is you have done.

In turn your own confidence will increase, and your nerves will slowly disappear, they may come back if something triggers it but you need to find a way of increasing your own confidence.
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Hi I think you needed to take on EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique you needed to release your emotional freedom freely. This is there site EFT training they've got a lot of info regarding anxiety and how to treat it. Hope this helps.
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I had trouble sleeping one time and a friend told me to try reading the PSALMS before I went to bed. Psalm 23 has been a real comfort to me in these last 3 or 4 years. It calmed me and I was able to sleep. I was having some anxiety issues too.
When things are beyond our control another thing that I've found helpful is praying to God about it. He's the one who made you and knows you best. There are things and situations that are bigger than what we can handle or in a way mysterious (like your anxiety because you don't know why you're feeling this way.)
Also keep your close friends close to you. Find one or two of your friends and keep them informed on what's going on and how you are doing. When you talk about your anxiety do it only to acknowledge the fact that you're experiencing it. If you labor over it too much it's possible you could increase your anxiety.
If you're fearful of anything and don't want to be crippled by it determine in your heart that you're going to do what you know you need to do even though you feel afraid. Walk through it but make sure you don't walk alone.
I had an anxiety attack that seemed to come out of nowhere once. It was very unnerving. It didn't take long for me to figure out what was going on. Where I should have felt comfortable I felt like
running away. I just couldn't wait to leave. I think it was somehow tied into the fact that I had a house fire almost 4 months previous. It lasted for short while.
Has there been anything traumatic that has happened to you within the last 6 months?
I'm so glad you asked this question. Take care. Please let me know how you are doing. I know it will get better.
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I have been trying to rid myself of anxieties for 6 mos. Now ativan helps.. I don't even know how I started,other than, have lost dear old age , sold a hs I loved,,bought into park model,I now know I should not have,finances too.need to get settled in small home with my son right now,while I take care of his hm,and kitty. I KNOW I SHOULD WALK EVERYDAY..... But so far have not.dr. Put me on Bu spar,,,don't know yet if it will help.  It may be another crutch..anyone on it.? Or if it helps,nite time only small dose..only had it 3 nit es. Woke up in a sweat,but could be do to taking Advil gel caps.which help me sleep.NOT pm. Any answers????
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Sorry to say but you can't get rid of it you can only learn to control it don't let it control you.
I have terrible anxiety  and ive so far only learned to try and take control over it don't let it get at you.which is hard and kinda impossible but the only other way (other than medication). You can ask your dr. For zoloft. And lorazepam.
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Try deep breathing exercises for anxiety:

Start by sitting down and closing your eyes. If you can find a quiet space, even better. Let your muscles relax and concentrate on your breathing.

Now breathe in and hold your breath for one second, count one one hundred thousand. Now breathe out slowly. Breathe in again, a little deeper and hold for two seconds and breathe out.

Breathe in deeper and hold for three, then four, then five seconds. At about three seconds of breath holding, your stress level should start to drop and your mind should start to slow and clear itself of thoughts. After five, you should feel much better.

Daily practice of these breathing exercises for anxiety can help boost your overall health and sense of well-being. Always a good thing!

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You must really find the source of this anxiety and it can be more than one. Then not to ignore it, but understand and treat it. A quality psychologist has to know how to help and he will show you practices to reduce the anxiety.

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This is an excerpt published by Awake magazine from Jehovah's Witnesses...hope you find it helpful.

DO STRONG feelings—perhaps sadness, anger, or resentment—consume you? If so, you may have little time or energy to pursue what is truly important to you. What can you do about it?*


King David was subject to a wide range of emotions—including anxiety and sorrow. What helped him to keep functioning? David left matters in God’s hands. (1 Samuel 24:12,15) He also wrote his feelings down. And as a man of faith, he prayed frequently.*


Gregory suffers from an anxiety disorder. “My excessive worrying was out of proportion and out of control,” he says. How did Gregory regain control? “To get perspective,” he says, “I accepted the kind help of my wife and friends. I also sought professional assistance and learned more about my condition. After making some lifestyle changes, I began to feel that I was in control of my condition, not that it was in control of me. Although I still experience bouts of anxiety, I now have a better sense of what triggers them, and I know how to manage my disorder.”

“A joyful heart is good medicine.”—Proverbs 17:22


If negative feelings control your life, try the following:

  • Write down your feelings in a journal.

  • Express your feelings to a close relative or friend.

  • Challenge your feelings. For example, ask yourself, ‘Is there really evidence to support such a negative view of myself?’

  • Do not hold on to anxiety, anger, or resentment. Redirect your energies to something more productive.*

Bottom Line: Often, negative feelings are not the result of our circumstances but of how we view them.

Some negative emotions can be the result of a health problem that may need professional treatment .  Each individual should carefully evaluate his or her options before making a personal decision.

Many psalms in the Bible are prayers of David, which he put into writing

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There is no one answer to your questions because there are many forms, levels and triggers of anxiety.  What works for one person, may not work for another.

What is probably the best advise I can think of .. Is to talk to your doctor. He/she may help to find out what is triggering YOUR condition .. And then and only then, will you be able to treat it. 

For some, something as simply as meditation helps to control it .. Treatments can range from a mindset and removing stimulants like caffeine (for example) from your diet to taking heavy medications and psychotherapy.  In any event .. It's not something that you can neccessarily do on your own. Don't be afraid to ask questions, talk to a professional. 

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An anxiety sister here! My doc also put me on anti anxiety pills, but I am going to go with a generic verison. I am not ready to literally flush $$$ down the toilet when there are their quality generic counterparts. I'm currently examing info on Canada Drugs , it provides quality medications at reasonable prices.

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