I Have Yellopussy Stuff That Is Hard In My Eyes: They Are Red And Hurt: It Is Ruining My Life: My Eyes Discharge A Yellow Hard Mucous That Has To Be Removed By Hand What Is This Discharge?


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R Maye answered
You may have a bacterial eye infection, commonly treated with Bleph 10. Bleph is a form of Eye Drops used to treat common, minor eye infections caused by bacteria as it stops the growth of bacteria. When you awake, try passing a washcloth under very warm water, then place it on your eyes. It will remove the crust by softening it. It's imparitive that you immediately wash the washcloth out afterwards. Consult your eye care professional for medications and care.
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Carrie Cummings answered
I think you have conjunctivitis; an eye infection that is very contagious and common. You need a prescription for Erithromicin (sp?) to treat this problem.

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