When Is It Necessary To Remove A Hemorrhagic Cyst?


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Hemorrhagic Cyst is a type of Ovarian cyst. It occurs when a small blood vessel in the wall of the cyst breaks down and as a result blood enter the cyst. Most of this kind of cyst heal on their own, however some may require surgical removal. It becomes necessary to remove a Hemorrhagic cyst when the tetracycline antibiotics do not show any results. Also when the cyst become large and persisting, surgery is recommended.
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Hemorrhagic cysts are one of the types of ovarian cysts. Hemorrhagic cysts are also called functional cysts and they contain blood. These cysts can cause pain. Hemorrhagic cysts are resolved on their own without any treatment. For pain, use of non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs is recommended. Sometimes surgery to remove hemorrhagic cysts is also performed. Hemorrhagic cysts resolves within 2-3 menstrual cycles. If these cysts persist for more than 3 menstrual cycle then medical attention is required.

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