What Is A Nodule, Where Does It Come From And What Does It Mean To Have It?


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A nodule will form on or in a person's body; it is a small clump of tissue. It is usually caused from an injury to the body.

A nodule is easily felt and is typically hard. Most of the time a nodule will be benign and require no medical intervention, but sometimes it could impede with the functions of a person's body. The nodule could even be malignant. If a person notices a nodule they should go and visit their doctor. Their doctor will be able to determine whether the nodule has to be addressed or not. 

Muscles and tendons will both be prone to develop a nodule in reaction to an injury. A nodule will often appear in a person's vocal chords. A nodule can also make an appearance within the layers of a person's skin or on the surface of their skin. They will then be quite noticeable because the nodule will be visible. Different parts of the body could also develop a nodule such as glands and organs. This could include a thyroid nodule, a pulmonary nodule, a breast nodule or even a lung nodule.

A nodule will often be paler than the tissue surrounding it. When it is palpated it may feel hard or rubbery, and it has a spherical shape. Nodules will often form in a cluster-like shape and look like grapes. Their sizes can vary but they will usually stay quite small. The area of a nodule might be inflamed and red or it could appear normal. 

A doctor might recommend that the nodule be removed if he or she suspects that it could be a problem. Sometimes people will have a nodule removed for an aesthetic reason. If a person does develop a nodule they do not have to be too concerned at first. A doctor will wait and see if the growth gets larger or if it changes. If the nodule becomes painful or sore a person should consult their doctor.
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A Nodule is basically a hard, abnormal and roughly spherical structure. These Nodules normally form on tendons. They can also form on muscles.

The main cause behind a nodule is an injury. They are normally benign and painless. However, they might develop a problem in the working or functioning of an organ.

There are different types of Nodules. You can even develop a nodule on your vocal cords and a thyroid nodule is also very common. It could be totally benign. However, it you are a smoker, there is a very large chance that you get a malignant nodule.

However, since you are having difficulty in swallowing, eating and talking, it is highly likely that your nodule is malignant. But it is curable and it needs urgent attention.

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Thank you Blurtit and Lily J for being so thoroughly in answering my questions. I'm really grateful for the quick and personal attention you gave me. I have no vices and I pray to God that it's not malignant but know that my Savior Jesus Christ has the power to heal and save me. I put my trust and faith in HIM as He works through my doctors. Thank you again and God Bless you for helping me and so many others in need for answers. I will use your service again and tell my family and friends of you.

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