I Have A Black Mass On My Right Lung , What Is It?


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In order to get a very specific and accurate diagnosis, with situation such as these, it is always advisable to seek the advice of a trained medical professional. However, there are many things that the black mass could be:

- Scar Tissue: This is a very common reason for a black mass on your lung and appears as a dark shadowy mass on a CT scan.

There are many things that can cause scar tissue on the lungs, and they include a viral infection, a bacterial infection, over exposure to certain chemicals such as asbestos or even dust, some antibiotics and certain medications, and most seriously, Pulmonary Fibrosis, a lung disease that can be treated and controlled with treatment if discovered at an early stage.

- Pneumonia: Pneumonia can appear as a black mass on the lung(s) and after treatment the black mass should gradually reduce and disappear.

- Hamartomas (chondroadenomas): A Hamartoma is a benign, harmless tumor that is commonly found on the lungs. They appear as black masses on a CT scan or X- ray of the lungs. Although the actual tumor is harmless, sometimes, depending on size and position, they can restrict breathing and the day to day "running" of your lungs, and if this happens, they are usually removed using surgery.

- Lung Cancer: This is one of the rarer and more severe causes of a black lung mass and can usually be treated (dependent on the stage of the lung cancer) with numerous therapies, including chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

NONE of these reasons can be self-diagnosed. A health professional will be able to confirm exactly what it is and advise you best. We are not an authorized medical facility, so when faced with questions about your health, please contact your doctor.

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