Last Night My Husbands Blood Pressure Was 156/106, Do I Need To Be Concerned?


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Suhail Ajmal answered
The normal blood pressure of a human being is 140/90 mmHg . Your husband's blood pressure is definitely high. Though it is not alarming but you should consult doctor for proper check up. The doctor will note his blood pressure for about successive 3 days and then he will prescribe medicine accordingly.
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Poo Chie answered
Blood pressure measurements are just snapshots.  You should
consider what was happening at the moment the measurement
was taken.  If your husband was calm and undisturbed and his
BP was over 140/90 for multiple measurements at different times, then you should be concerned and should see a doctor.
In such cases hypertension is indicated.  
On the other hand, if the high reading was taken during a panic attack and subsequent readings are all normal, there is no reason for concern.

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