I Have Been Having A Severe Pain On My Left Side Under My Breast Going To My Back, What Could It Be?


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I am a semi retired Physical Therapist.  It sounds more like a facet joint syndrome -pinched nerve. Before you spend lots of money on tests etc try this:
sit on the edge of a chair
Reach your right hand over to your left thigh
put your left hand on the back of the chair
relax your back muscles
now pull as hard as ycan without pain, twisting your body to the left with the power of your arms only
Then reverse everything to pull to the right
do this 3 times and then
sit on the edge of the chair
spread your knees apart---fold your elbows
flex forward and hand between your knees as if tryng to get closer and closer to the floor with your shoulders
Do this for a few days or weeks. This works 90% of the time if you do what I told you
3 times a day--3 times each
Good luck
let me know in 2 weeks how it works out.
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It eased the pain for a few minutes just by getting in the position you suggested. Thank you ,I will try this and get back with you. I have been in pain for a week.
July11,2008 I have been doing as you suggested and so far I am pain free. I can not thank you enough. You are an angel.
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Within a couple of days it stopped hurting and I continued this therapy everyday. I am still doing it and so far I am pain free. Thank you so much. You are an angel.
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It almost sounds like a stroke, but I can't say for sure. I think you should get it checked out for your own good. Hope this helps.

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