What Are Some Free Eye Sight Exercises?


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Here are some great exercises for improving and maintaining eyesight:
- Stare at something at a distance every 30-60 minutes for at least 30 seconds, this will improve focus of distant objects.
- Put your finger in front of your nose at least on a hands distance. Then first look at your finger for 10-20 seconds than look at something at a distance.
- Nod your head up towards the ceiling and then down at your toes. This will increase blood circulation to the eyes.
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Sewing ---> TV ---> out the window, repeat, repeat, repeat. :-)

Or: Reading ---> out the window, repeat, repeat, repeat.

I consider these to be the simplest eye exercises, along with regularly glancing down to quickly check speedometer display when driving.

Staring at a fixed focus range strains the eyes and allows other focal ranges to atrophy (weaken). It's debatable whether eye range can be restored through exercise once lost, but I firmly believe that loss can be limited and/or delayed through regular use (not abuse).

The 3-D mystery pictures can be good eye exercise.

A string with beads of different colors knotted into positions 1" apart can also be used for close exercise.

With fine hand-needlework, my drill is through-the-glasses, over the glasses near me, over the glasses across the room when it's too dark for through-the-window to be useful.
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A great one I have heard about is looking at pictures intended for color blindness.  I had to do this test when I got hired at my new job.  I am guessing you can find a book with these photos from your library.

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