What Is Wrong With My Eye Sight? I Get A Kaleidoscope Effect In Left Eye Then Lose Eye Sight 1 To Three Minutes At A Time. Then The Kaleidoscope Effect Is Back And My Sight Returns?


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The symptoms you describe could well be the side effects of a severe migraine. Migraine headaches may be preceded by a visual aura, lasting for 20 to 30 minutes, and then proceeding to the headache.
Some people, however, experience the aura but do not have a headache. This visual aura can be very dramatic. Classically, a small blind spot appears in the central vision with a shimmering, zigzag light inside of it. This enlarges, and moves to one side or the other of the vision, over a 20 to 30 minute period. When it is large, this crescent shaped blind spot containing this brightly flashing light can be difficult to ignore, and some people fear that they are having a stroke. In reality, it is generally a harmless phenomenon, except in people who subsequently get the headache of migraine. Since migraine originates in the brain, the visual effect typically involves the same side of vision in each eye, although it may seem more prominent in one eye or the other.
There are different variations of this phenomenon, with the central vision being involved, or with the visual effect similar to heat rising off of a car. Some people describe a kaleidoscope effect, with pieces of the vision being missing. All of these variations are consistent with ophthalmic migraine.
Although this is the most likely cause of your symptoms there are many things that can bring on problems with vision and strange shapes and flashing lights in your eyes. There could be a problem with the retina for example. You should seek the advice of an optometrist as soon as possible and if this is not possible then a doctor as if this is a serious problem, action may need to be taken immediately to prevent further damage.
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When I had the kaleidoscope effect in my vision, I lost my eyesight for 30 seconds then it was fine then a few minutes later my vision became permanently altered  due to a stroke that nobody realized I had until 2 days later when I spoke of the kaleidoscope vision and my doctor immediately ordered an MRI.
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I have the same problem, check out this page - http://eugeneeyecare.com/conditions/Ophthalmic_Migraine.html and then look at other sights that talk about ophthalmic migraine
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Before the use of it you must talk to the eye specialists, and if not then its not too late you should visit the eye specialists, may be the effect is not suitable to you or there would be any gaps, which the eye specialist can tell you and prescribe you the best way out.

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