How I Increase My Eyesight?


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There aren't a lot of ways to improve eyesight - it mostly depends on your genetic make-up and how your eyes are designed. You can be sure that you eat right and get enough vitamins, because there are some vision problems caused by lack of certain vitamins. You can avoid harming your eyes by staying out of very bright lights and wearing sunglasses outside. You can avoid illegal drugs, many of which do harm your vision. Have regular physical check-ups at your doctor's, because some diseases can cause vision problems. Also, 60 to 120 mg of bilberry (also called huckleberry) daily has been shown to improve your night vision. You might also need eyeglasses, which are the best way to improve eyesight!
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I heard a wise tale that if you eat a lot of carrots your eyes will get better- it has a lot of that certain vitamin that is suppose to make your eyes stronger. And if that doesn't work, you can always try laser eye surgery. I myself wear glasses. I 've tried everything.. :)
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First of all. I would see a doctor to make sure everything is okay.  My mom sees an opthalmologist who recommends a special vitamin for eyesight- called  "Occuvite"  he swears by it and my mom does too.  A diet high in beta carotene (like carrots) helps too.
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NO! Your best beat is to see your eye doctor. Or where your glasses everyday like I have to do. I wish it was a pill. Well good luck.
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My eye sight is -0.75 what type of food I have to eat?
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You need to take Homeopathic medicine and Vitamin A food. Spinach, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe,butter nut squash , and carrots are rich in Vitamin A. Also you can get tablets of Vitamin from a medical store to overcome the deficiency. This way you will be able to improve your eyesight.
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There aren't any supplements that can improve eyesight. The most efficient way is to use laser eye surgery, although it is very expensive. If you want natural methods for improving eyesight then this site will be useful: The bates method
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Hi there,

Three ways you could increase your eyesight...

1. Get laser eye surgery

2. Do eye exercises

3. Take supplements

With laser eye surgery, you'd have to be very careful about the risks and whether or not you're suitable for it. If you google "lasik disaster" you'll think twice about getting eye surgery.

Eye exercises are all natural and less risky. You could have a look at to see what they're about. You'd have to be very dedicated to do these exercises everyday but the risks of possibly permanently damaging your eyes are eliminated. Some people say they don't work, some say the exercises do work

I suggest you have a look around, do your research and make your own opinion.

Lastly, taking supplements. You can improve the overall health of your eyes with eye vitamins since they provide your eyes with the nutrients they need to function optimally but cannot acquire from the food we eat on a daily basis. Have a look at , you'll find info on the nutrients your eyes need as well references to the kinds of foods you are most likely to find those nutrients in.

Glasses and contact lenses are not listed here since its said that they actually worsen the strength of your eyes but at least you've got some places to start from to help you "increase your eyesight".

Good luck

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