I Have Dark Circles Under My Eyes, Tired All The Time And I Lost Ten Pounds, Could This Just Be Stress?


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Hi queenb,

I'm sorry to hear that you are having some issues.

Yes, stress can cause weight loss (been there, done that!), but so can many other things, which may need to be checked out and addressed.

I think, having had this dark circle issue many times, that you may perhaps have a sinus issue -- infection, sinusitis or the like. I know when I have those issues I get terrible dark circles under my eyes; nothing a trip to the doctor and a Z-pak can't cure though!

I think you should probably go in for a check-up and talk to your doctor. He/she may be able to help you decide what the best course of action would be for you, and you may find that just talking to the doctor will put your mind more at ease.

Have you encountered any life-changing events recently? A new job, marriage, divorce, a new baby, a move, a new pet, a child leaving or returning home, graduation from college or high school?

I find that all things are stressful for me any more, but I have MS, which doesn't really help matters any! LOL.

Take good care and try to relax. Take a few days off, sleep late, shower long and don't do the dishes! LOL - that right there can be tough enough but please, do something just for you!

Please be in touch soon; let me know what you decide.

Take good care,

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You should ask this question to yourself, whether its stress or not. You know how much stress you are going through. When we are bored, that part of the nervous system that keeps us alert and bubbly becomes under active, making us physically and psychologically slow. Depression has a similar effect. On the other hand, excessive stress, or distresa as it should be called can saturate our body with adrenaline and other related chemical compounds, to the extent that our body can no longer respond to them. The trick is to discover a reasonable balance whereby we are able to respond to stimulation efficiently , but then be able to relax and recover afterwards. Most people suffering from tiredness due to psychological causes respond very well to rest, relaxation and simple changes in lifestyle.
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The exact etiology of dark circles around your eyes is not known. It is said that causative factors can be stress, anxiety or tension. You lost too much weight this can be one of the reason. Take some multivitamin and iron preparations along with balanced diet.

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