Will CBC+diff Test Show HIV Virus?


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sharon scott answered
Yes that is how they keep up with viral loads
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mama kooblah answered
No, in order to obtain a test result for hiv, you have to sign a consent for the dr. To obtain the blood and for the lab to run the test. And it is specifically stated on the lab order as a hiv test.
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The question is not clear. What do you mean by Diff blood test? CBC stands for complete blood count. It tell about all types of cells present in blood. The deviation from normal range of these cells, CBC tells about possible problems Like higher number of White blood cells indicate infection. The CBC test can indicate only infection and helpful in HIV patients. Like reduction of T4 and T8 cells Indicate HIV. Another blood test also tell about viral load of patient. Higher the viral load in HIV positive patient, means he is getting AIDS quickly.
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No its a special test you have to ask for and sign for if they take a hiv or aids test without you signing a consent form you can sue them
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No. CBC with diff is just a blood count. CBC measures your red blood cells (rbc) and white blood cells and platelets.
Diff is Differential which differentiates or separately counts the different types of white blood cells (wbc).
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You have to get a special test for hiv n aids you have to sign a consent form to get the test if the lab or dr. Or nurse does a hiv n aids without you signing a consent form you can sue them

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