If You Use A Condom Could You Still Get Hiv.and How Do You Know You Have Hiv Or Aids By Not Going To See A Doctor Or Getting Tested.?


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john chan Profile
john chan answered
No because you are wearing a condom
lol mc Profile
lol mc answered
If you use a condom the risk is lowered but if it rips then your in trouble. It can also be passed through blood, so use a condom anyway an ''extra safe'' one durex supply these.
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Anonymous answered
Nope, as long as worn properly they are nearly 100% effective. And with chances of getting HIV for a man with woman at 5/10 000 that really reduces the risk to nearly 0%.

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nikki Profile
nikki answered
You can still get HIV even if a condom is used, although the chance is less. And an HIV test is not accurate until about 6 months after you contract it.  The only way you will know is if you get tested. Whether you do this at the doctors office, a free clinic, or even order a test from online and test yourself you can only know by being tested

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