Can A Person Be A HIV Carrier And Still Test Negative When A HIV Test Is Performed?


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I lived with a partner from 2002 till January 2009 when  I discovered she is on HIV treatment. Since then I've done various tests including the last one being HIV - 1 DNA PRC test in Janaury 2010 which came out negative. My body is however itchy from the time I learnt of her condition. What is my fate, will things turn around as years pass by?
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What is the longest time of the incubation period for hiv. My friend is hiv positive and has had continuous sex with her husband for 16 years and he still tests negative,  Is this real?
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People who have not yet developed the antibodies for HIV may be potential carriers of the virus, but the information you got earlier from someone  that people may be carriers but test negative for antibodies is not supported by scientific evidence whatsoever. People who are infected may remain asymptomatic their whole lives (not show outward signs of illness or feel ill), but that is quite different than testing negative for the antibodies one's whole life while being a "carrier".  Know this:  So far, there are no known or documented cases where someone who was infected with HIV (so-called "carrier")still tested negative for the HIV antibodies for longer than 1 year after exposure.  That's why it's so important to get tested.

Almost all infected individuals develop the antibodies within 6 months if they are infected and will test positive if they are.  During the this window before enough antibodies develop, infected individuals may still test negative and pass the virus on.  There is no test for these carriers, since the tests depend on being able to detect HIV antibodies and they may not be fully present as yet.

Please visit this site for full information about HIV testing, diagnosis, HIV life cycle, etc.  It is an excellent and accurate site for HIV information:
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I don't know what to say, but I have the same question. I have been Hiv positive for sixteen years without any medical problems. All my five kids and their mother are Hiv negative. For the past 16 years, I have been going for medical check every 6 months. My viral load is less than 75, and my CD4 count is an impressive 1226. My doctor told me to go for medical research to see whether or not my situation can help other people. In europe last year, I donated my bone marrow to seriously ill patient with AIDS, but to my surprise, the lady has since recovered. Her CD4 count has recovered from less than 100 to 675. Her viral load as of Feb. This year was less than 500. I have also been contacted by several research organization to enroll in a study, but refused.
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Of cause not. There's no such thing as HIV carriers. People should not g around answering questions they do not understand and any scientific proof or even a medical background. Rest assured, the only time you test hiv negative when you actually do have hiv is when you are still in a window period, which is anything between 8-24 weeks!!
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Yes... That is possible. HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) may remain in-active in the body of the carrier for a varying incubation period before symptoms of AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) are noticed.However, usually 3 - 6 weeks after having been infected with HIV an acute medical condition occurs with symptoms that are relatively similar to a flu. Due to the similarities of the first medical effect of HIV and a flu the basic infection often remains hidden as after this first effect the symptoms disappear and only little effect can be noticed until the AIDS related symptoms begin.
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Yes. Others can even live forever with the virus and test neg. Although they transmit it. These type of people are called carriers.
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Yes it is QUITE possible! They have found that some people are remaining non reactive for MANY years. Feel VERY lucky if that is you, for too many others are dying from it. Count your blessings!
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HIV commonly remains dormant for very many years. If it is found over the next hundred years or so, that a significant number of people have lived for, say 50 years, HIV positive and never developed AIDS, even at the end of their lives, then, yes, people will begin to think that some people can be carriers only. It could be, of course, that there is a genetic trigger which may be absent in some people, but the disease has not really been around for long enough to be sure, yet.
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The HIV after transmission in bodies goes in to incubation period for 2-10 years. Incubation period means not active and starts preparation for further growth. . After the incubation periods, it become active and start destroying our immune system, then our body produced RNA antibody which is detected in the blood and then it make the test positive. When our body start reacting against HIV then the test become positive. The time period is different individual to individual depending upon his viral load.
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Thank you for the response on the question. I feel that the question on whether a person can still test negative after a window period has not been answered.
Can it be possible that a person can carry the HIV virus but test negative on all tests such as Rapid, ELIZA and PCR?
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I am also wondering how this "window period" is. I have been with my boyfriend for 14 months, and he reported that he had no other relations for 5 years. So why is it just now being detected?
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I am a father to 4 children. Three from one mother and one from a different mother- last born. My second born tested positive at ten. In the same year her mother tested positive and died. When I took 2 tests during the same period and tested -ve. A year later the mother to the last born tested positive (yesterday). A day later (today) I took another test and came out -ve again. The last born child is -ve. Could I be what ia known as a Carrier. What is happening to me and my family.

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