What Does Encephalomalacia Mean?


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Encephalomalacia is a medical term relating to the softening of brain tissue.  There are many ways in which encephalomalacia can occur including haemorrhaging (internal bleeding) in the brain or inflammation.  The term is also sometimes used to describe the degeneration of the brain through degenerative or hereditary brain diseases. 
The softening of the tissue in the brain is abnormal and usually points to a medical condition or problem.  As well as degenerative problems encephalomalacia may also be caused by trauma to the brain or an infection or through ischemia, which is a lack of oxygen supplied to the brain.  Tumours on the brain may also cause encephalomalacia.  If you suspect that you may be suffering from a form of encephalomalacia, through a head trauma or perhaps as a result of a degenerative disease, or are searching for answers on behalf of a friend or relative, then it is important to contact your doctor immediately as problems with the brain are often serious. 
There is no known treatment for the repair of the brain once encephalomalacia has occurred, as the softening of brain tissue is often a sign that brain cells have died or been irreparably damaged.  These brain cells, or neutrons, cannot be re-grown or regenerate and are therefore lost.  It is, however, perfectly possible to live a normal life, or to have no long lasting side effects of encephalomalacia, having suffered encephalomalacia through infection or trauma, depending on the type or severity of the injury to the brain. 
In some cases only part of the brain has been damaged, leaving the rest of the brain in full working order.  For example a trauma or disease may have affected the speech or memory part of the brain, whilst leaving the rest of the brain to function without problems.
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Encephalomalacia is softening of the brain tissue. It causes all kinds of weird behaviours, sleep walking head pressing dizziness and spinning in circles, all depending on where in your brain the tissue is getting soft. It is caused by hemorrhaging and swelling (inflammation)
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I wonder what does this mean to my 5 1/2 year old son, that has been diagnosed with left frontal lobe encephalomalacia? If anyone know, please let me know. I want to what to expect, and different treatment options. Thanks, Gail1
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Please can someone help me my 1 year old as been diagnosed with right encephalomalacia - middle cerebral artery territory can someone please explain this in words i can understand thankyou mrs cathy robinson
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Mama Cass pretty much nailed it. The swelling tends to be localized, and it occurs in three stages with different color assignments, I am pretty certain that they are yellow white and red.
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Encephalomalacia in the left temporo-parieto-occipital lobe what does it means

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