I Have Been Passing Gas Quite Frequently, Is This Bad?


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This can be a problem if you have stomach pain or loose stools with it. It can signify another problem such as Crohn's Disease or Ulcerative Colitis. It could also be irritable bowel condition so you should see your physician to rule out any bowel problems. I know how you feel because I was diagnosed with irritable bowel disease but have been doing great since I went on a special diet.
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Hey Bonebrea. I'm also experiencing this same problem. However I am not quite sure what you mean by loose stool. I know what stool is but what do you mean by loose? Like Diarrhea? If not could you explain please? Thanks a lot.
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This is probably due to excess gas from proteins and carbonated drinks,I had this too but when I changed my diet and everything s good now.
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Yes this is very serious and important problem for you. It is very embarrassing thing when you are sitting in community. Because if this problem occur at one time then its ok but for so many times then it is a problem.Yes you are correct it is some internal problem, most probably with your stomach, because these types of problems like loose motion, gas discharge, and constipation are related to the stomach problem. So you must visit some general doctor or any specialist. You will soon find some cure for this problem.

I am amazed to see that you have this problem since one year and you still have not visited any doctor, if you feel any shyness in visiting doctor for this problem then think about the embarrassment, that you feel in a community. You have to solve this problem as soon as possible, because if you will not then it can be possible that, it will create more serious internal problems in your body. And also its not painful thing only for you, the people around you also suffer from this situation and are not able to say you anything.
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Having a passing gas problem does not mean that he is doing in front of people.
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It just means that you are eating stuff that produces gas in your system. Eat more mild foods to alleviate the gas build up. Spicy foods and green leafy vegetables will give you gas.

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