What Is An EMPYEMA, And What Causes It?


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An EMPYEMA is a disease which is found in the human body. It is also known as the pyothoras. These diseases arise due to the infection in the lungs in the human body. There are three stages of this disease including the exudative, fibrinopurulent which is a latter stage from the EMPYEMA. The symptoms of the EMYPEMA are varies from one patient to another patient and subject to the severity of the disease.

One of the most influential symptoms is the fever in the patients, pain in the chest of the patients and discomfort for the patients, severe cough and sometimes the patient feels the improper breath. So these are the symptoms of this disease if the patient feel any of this symptoms then he should consult with his doctor. You can diagnosis this disease by using the X ray machine and the CT scan easily. So this is the one of the increasing disease in the patients. This is the infection in the human body. The infection causes due to the problems in the lungs due to use of heavy smoking and drinking.

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