How Do Get Rid Of Ovarian Cysts?


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You did not say how many cysts she has. I was 19 when I got married and had a cyst the size of a small grapefruit on one of my ovaries. At first the were going to remove the cyst along with my ovaries. I got a second opinion and they decided to wait a see what happened. One month later the cyst was gone. Had I have listened to the first doctor I would not of had my three children. I hope that you are able to have a good outcome as I did.
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Ovarian cysts are sacs filled with fluid and surrounded by thin wall. These cysts can be non cancerous or cancerous. Their size can be from pea size to cantaloupe.  A cyst in ovary which is larger than 2cm is called ovarian cyst.
Laparoscopy is type of surgery which can be used to remove cysts, entire ovary or uterus. A cyst of size 12 cm can be removed by laparoscopy.
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The etiology of ovarian cysts is not know, that is why there is no proper treatment is available. These cysts cause oligomenorrhea, infertility and haor growth on face, legs and lower abdomen. Usually, 5-7 cysts are present in every lady. If you have more than 10 pear like persistent follicles, then it is poly cystic ovarian disease. One to treat this problem is to take birth control pills for number of cycles as much as number of cysts. E.g. If you have 10 cysts than take pills for 10 cycles. Another way is leptoscopic diathermy. This is simple type of surgery.

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