I Need To Know About Blood Pressure Reading, Is 145/85, Is It High Or Low?


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It is crucial to "Know Your Numbers" with respect to blood pressure. Life-threatening complications can develop over a course of years when hypertension exists. Increased pressure on the inner walls of blood vessels make the vessels less flexible over time and more vulnerable to the buildup of fatty deposits in a process known as atherosclerosis. Hypertension also forces the heart to work harder to pump adequate blood throughout the body. This extra work causes the muscles of the heart to enlarge, and eventually the enlarged heart becomes inefficient in pumping blood. An enlarged heart may lead to heart failure, in which the heart cannot pump enough blood to meet the body's needs;

but do you know what the numbers mean? The higher (systolic) number represents the pressure while the heart is beating. The lower (diastolic) number represents the pressure when the heart is resting between beats. The systolic pressure is always stated first and the diastolic pressure second. For example: 122/76 (122 over 76); systolic = 122, diastolic = 76.

A normal blood pressure would be below 130/ 85, however, optimally would be below 120/80. This means that a blood pressure of 145/85 is slightly high. While the diastolic is right on the cusp of being inside the normal range, your systolic reading is in hypertension range.

There are many ways about how to lower blood pressure if it high, like this example. While most of not exactly the same I will outline a few ways: First, if you are a bit overweight. Lose some pounds, even as little as 5-10 pounds can mean a huge difference! A general would be waist size: Men are at risk if their waist measurement is greater than 40 inches (102 centimeters, or cm), while Asian men having a waist measurement greater than 36 inches (90 cm). Women, greater than 35 inches (88 cm) and Asian if their waist measurement is greater than 32 inches (80 cm). This can be achieved through exercise, another thing that can simultaneously help blood pressure.
Eating healthily is another very good thing to do generally, and to help blood pressure. Try boosting potassium intake and reducing sodium intake. Limit sodium and alcohol intake. Try to limit sodium to around 2,300mg a day and this could help reduce blood pressure by 2 to 8 mmHg and drink alcohol in moderation (which could lead to a decrease in 2-4mmHg.

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True Strory!  Tuesday morning I was feeling very tired and had a headache.  My BP was 152/89.  Later it was 151/91.  Both high readings.  I panicked and went online for a "Cure."  I found lots of things that could be done.  I stopped all chips and high sodium snacks.  I ate a banana each day.  No fried foods.  Weds, still had a high reading of 145/83.  Scheduled appointment with my GP for Thursday at 9:25 AM.  Kept very strict with diet and added a squeeze and release tennis ball exercize with each hand.  Yes, then I prayed!  Well.... My BP at 9:25 AM was 120/68, later 120/68, still later by the Dr. 124/80 and at home 125/64.  It is now Friday night and it is 122/62.  Two days and my stage 1 BP was normal.  Good luck with yours.... You may not need meds but changes in lifestyle, including exercize.  Thanks, Dr. Steve
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It is elevated slightly but not really risky.  Could it be a stress factor or caffeine or something of that nature.  What I mean is, is it constantly elevated or just on occasion
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My blood pressure usually measures 145/85 however when it's time for my menstrual,cycle it becomes elevated to like 127/ 100 i guess this occcurs due to
the increase of hormones in my body
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Is my blood pressure to high if its 145 over 85
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I'm a 74 year old female, and have just been told my blood pressure reading was 185 over 45 is that too high, or anything to worry about, Sylvia
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Normal is 120/80. Your blood pressure is elevated.
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Just wondering as I am having a small operation next week, and will be under a general for plus minus half an hour. Sylvia

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