I Need To Know If A Blood Pressure Reading 187/100 Is It Considered High Blood Pressure?


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Yes that is very high blood pressure!   I had those same readings, my doctor prescribed BP meds and it was still high.   THEN, I researched causes of high blood pressure!  Low potassium!
I had my doctor check my potassium, which was in the lowest possible range of normal, so she said nothing.  However, I found that taking potassium along with two cal-mag-zincs (Potassium needs that ratio of calcium and magnesium to potassium to be in proper balance.)
Well, my blood pressure normalized within a few days- from readings as high as 185/110 to now being a consistent 120's over 70's.  
In looking for the right potassium supplement, I found that a lot of them were very weak- only 2% of the RDA.  Get something a lot higher than that!  Potassium gluconate is a better formula.
I have passed this on to several friends with high blood pressure and they also got immediate results!   Medicines are a last resort, and not only do not treat the cause, but can further deplete your potassium levels.  I'd love to hear from you after you have tried this.  The results come very quickly.  I take mine at night before bedtime, and usually on a mostly empty stomach.  Good luck!
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Eat a lot of  banana . Boil papaya leave and garlic and celery and drink it  you will see a big change in your blood pressure.  and most likely exrcercise  daily  like  3 time a day and please be stress free. Because stress  can cause  high blood  pressure.  also drink water a lot.  watch your  sodium in foods don`t eat any  thing that has  more than 180 mg of sodium. And also  keep away from meat.try to eat vegetable. And fish 3 times a week.  and  cabins which better know as marijuana is good also. But  don`t use if not subscript by doctor.  there is a  paper call  cayenne pepper is very good  for blood pressure also. You can buy a 16 oz bottle of cayenne pepper just for$8.63 in the super market. You can sprinkle  it in your food.  coconut water is good for blood pressure.  also check in your nutritious facts for potassium it good for blood pressure also.and  also being over weight is  not good for blood pressure. And do not smoke or drink alcohol.and make sure take your pills  every day. And check your blood pressure  every two weeks. Or if you have the machine  check it daily .  and stay from oily foods181/100 that very high really high check doctor  thats to high  or real-ax and  do what it say up there a normal blood  pressure   is 120/80 at least  try to get your down  to 140/80

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