What Is The Difference Between Pain And Suffering?


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Pain is a hurtful stimulus to the system it attacks, and suffering is the systems reaction to it.
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Pain is a physical feeling, like when you break a bone, or get a toothache, or when you go into labor to have a child, even your stomach, when you get hunger pains.
This is all connected to your nerves, which act as sensors and send messages to your brain, and you have the physical reaction.
Suffering is similar, but not the same thing. Say you have a toothache, that's the pain part of it, but the suffering would come when you can't go to the dentist to have it fixed, and you have to suffer with the pain, and possibly the infection.
There are other levels of suffering as well, like when you lose someone you loved very much, the pain of that loss causes your heart to endure this, and it can take a long time to heal, or never heal at all.
Suffering happens over a long period of time, or what can seem to be an eternity. Hope this helps, good luck.
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I think pain is a guilt feeling resulting coz of a bad deed & suffering results when something bad happens to you coz of that bad deed.
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Pain is where something physically hurts like in wars whereas suffering is where people suffer due to an incident, like a flood killing people. Their families will suffer as they have lost the ones they love.
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There is no difference. Except that pain is a noun and suffering is a "verb".

in order to suffer, you need to have the pain. Without pain, there is no concept of suffering.

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