If A Person Is Suffering Swelling To The Upper Body,bruising,blood Loss, Pain, And Fluid Retention, What Would A Possible Diagnosis Of The Ailment Be?


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Please consult your doctor now. Don't wait for amplified symptoms. Such symptoms are grave and require immediate attention. There could be various causes. For instance, side-effects of certain drugs could account for some of those symptoms. Other causes include heart damage and liver damage in addition to kidney failure. Lymphedema for instance causes heavy swelling (fluid retention) as well as skin alterations.

It could be a multiplicity of related or unrelated causes. Therefore, a meticulous check-up is in order. Family history in addition to personal medical history plays an important role in diagnosis. Please don't self-diagnose. Patients need to be necessarily carefully monitored.

In addition, several surgeries and cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentation could result in certain symptoms you've described. For instance in breast augmentation, side-effects include temporary soreness, swelling and bruising. Risks involve include bleeding among several other possibilities.

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