What Could Burning Pain Be In My Breast?


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We need a little bit more of information to try to help you.  Are you male or female?  Are you pregnant?  If you are pregnant it could just be due to a hormonal change since your hormones are doubling every other day.  Or it could be the start of heart burn.  You can't really take too much if you are pregnant without asking your doctor.  I would say call your doctor in the morning and be seen if things get worse or don't improve.  It could be a number of things causing the pain.  Take care of yourself.  Happy Thanksgiving!
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I'm a 26 yr old female, and I'm 3 months pregnant. Last night when I was sleeping on my left side, I felt a really bad burning pain in my left breast. I tend to have these pains in other areas of my body at times. Feel as if my skin has been scalded. This actually began before I was pregnant. My mother has lupus and fibromyalgia. She has the same symptoms.

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