What Is Harpies Disease And How Can People Get This Disease?


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Medically speaking, there is no such ailment as 'Harpies disease'. The term is actually a bastardization of the word "Herpes" although it is a relatively common mistake made by people when investigating the ailment and the phrase is now commonly used to describe the condition.

  • What is Herpes and how is it transmitted?
Herpes is a viral infection that is spread through contact with someone else who has the disease. This contact can be sexual, or non-sexual in nature and the most obvious indication that someone has been infected is the appearance of a cluster of small blisters in the affected area.

  • What are the different strains of the virus?
There are two types of the virus, Herpes simplex virus type 1 and type 2. Oral herpes is the most common complaint, with the sexually transmitted disease genital herpes the second most common. Most people who use the term "Harpies disease" usually refer only to oral herpes.

  • What are the symptoms of oral herpes?
For oral herpes, around 24-48 hours before the first blisters start to show, the affected area may start to 'tingle' and feel swollen, particularly if you are susceptible to the form of the virus that sees cold sores on the lips develop. Some over-the-counter treatments for the virus recommend that as soon as you feel this tingle, you begin treatment for the outbreak with anti-viral creams and ointments.

After the tingling stage, the blisters begin to appear in small clusters. Without treatment, the blisters can last from between to to 21 days before disappearing.

  • Once the blisters have cleared, does this mean I am free from infection?
However, this does not mean that your body is now free from infection. Unfortunately, even the most aggressive forms of treatment is extremely difficult as herpes has a tendency to remain dormant in the body, rather than be eradicated from it.

  • How can I reduce further outbreaks of the virus in future?
To stop outbreaks of the disease it is important for sufferers to recognize not only the warning signs of an outbreak, but also the factors that can start an outbreak. These include:

- the use of immunosuppressant drugs
- stress
- depression

  • Is there a cure for herpes?
Currently there is no cure for herpes, though there are current clinical trials being conducted surrounding potential cures for several variants of the disease. The best form of treatment seems to be the drugs aciclovir and valaciclovir, which are available in both pills and as tubes of creams.
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Hi... This is praveen from hyderabad I was suffering with harpies from last 2days is it have any med's to cure in a quick time...9000526549+91
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I want to know about harpies disease
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I am 40 years man suffering from Harpies , wht is the treatment for it

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Can some times cause by your body which is run down and your lacking of some thing, but it can also start off with a small time pimple by the side of your mouth and its very itchy and can get bigger then turns in a large sore on the side of your mouth which looks ugly and very embarrassing. Is not because your dirty, you kiss some one(people think that some times) or done any thing wrong. Just make sure you change your tooth brush every six months, use a good mouth wash nd if you get it, just use some tea tree ointment on it, it works! It could also mean that you picked up a virus and if you had get a sore throat with, it definately means you picked up a virus.
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Herpes is incurable.  It is conyracted through sexual cpntct.  There are meds available to cpntrol and breakouts are frequent but it is not life tjreatening.  Oh yes pleae avoid sex while ypu are havong symptoms or flare ups.
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Herpes is a viral disease that is caused by the herpes simplex 1 and herpes simplex 2 viruses. These viruses can cause infection on genital area or mouth. For details, visit this link.
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Herpes is transferred by direct skin to skin contact with the infected person. For example if you kiss a person who is having oral herpes then you can get it. Similarly, if you have sex with a person having genital herpes then you can get genital herpes. So, herpes is transmitted by contact with diseased skin to the area of skin which is in contact.
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Herpes is not curable.  you will have flareups from tie to time.  It is important not too engage in sex during flare ups.  Although herpes is an annoyance it is not death threatening.

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