I Have A Hard Bump On The Bottom Of My Butt And It Hurts When I Touch It And When I Sit Down What Could The Problem Be?


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Sometimes when you sit on an unclean toilet, get an ingrown hair or insect bite, a bump may apper.

In some cases, that bump may get infected and grow puss inside which starts off hard. The cyst can be removed by constantly pressing it towards the center until it bursts.

My family is from South America and that stuff happens every once in a while from playing in the fields or from bug bites.
To relieve the pain, my grandmother would put a warm compress and then a cool compress. A bit like IcyHot.
Or she'd put medicated candle wax on it and bandage it up.
You can even try a warm peppermint tea bag or menthol to soothe the pain.
I hope I helped some :)

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