I Have 2 Spot Like Lumps On My Anus And They Are A Bit Sore To Touch, What Could These Be?


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  • What are the lumps on your anus?
It sounds as though you probably have swollen hemorrhoids.

  • What are hemorrhoids?
If you have swollen hemorrhoids they are often known as 'piles' and occur when the structures in the anal canal become swollen or inflamed. When they are working correctly they aid the anal canal in passing a stool through your system and out through your anus.

  • What are the symptoms of swollen hemorrhoids?
If you have internal hemorrhoids you will probably have rectal bleeding. This is absolutely painless but you may see blood in your stools. This could also be a sign of rectal cancer so you should consult with your doctor immediately. If you have external hemorrhoids you will probably have some pain around the anus area and it is often accompanied by swelling around the anus which feels like small lumps.

You could also have prolapsed hemorrhoids which occur when the hemorrhoids become so bad they are actually pushed outside the anus. Sometimes the anus muscle will push the hemorrhoid out and then spasm so the hemorrhoid is trapped outside the body. The blood supply will then be cut off and the hemorrhoid becomes strangulated.

  • How to treat hemorrhoids
First of all you should go to your doctor to check that it is indeed hemorrhoids that are causing you the problem. Do not be embarrassed about talking to your doctor about this because they are extremely common and your doctor will be used to discussing the issue. Your doctor will probably prescribe some medication to help ease the swelling and make you more comfortable.

Hemorrhoids usually last about a week and many people find that the swelling will go down by itself and they heal naturally. There are many hemorrhoid creams and soothing agents that you could buy from the pharmacy.
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The sore red lumps on anus can be hemorrhoids, anal protrusion, proctitis, anal papillomas, genital warts, anal abscess and rectal cancer. A differential diagnosis is required from the doctor. Visit a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment. For more details, visit Anal Lumps.
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These definitely sound like herpes. My sister has it and she had the exact same symptoms when she had an outbreak.

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