Can MRSA Be Transmitted Through Sex?


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MRSA is transmitted by contact with the bacteria methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus . It can be transmitted by either direct contact or by contact with ANY surface that has the bacteria on it. Be sure to tell your partner that you are infected with MRSA, DO NOT make contact with the infected area. Both you and your partner should bathe immediately after any close contact. Clean any surfaces with a 10% bleach solution to kill the MRSA, and wash bedding in hot water and bleach. Do exactly as your doctor says, MRSA can take a long time to clear up, and you don't want to spread it to your partner or any other family members.
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Staph bacteria which affect the
body infected by MRSA can be easily spread by any close private contact, and
most infections are increase by casual or medical contact, not through sex.
Many people carry staph on their skin, however, and it's important to practice
good hygiene... Even though most staph infections are relatively minor.

Try to keep your self clean and
wash your hands with soap and water as many times as you can. After having sex
with the infected take a nice bath and make sure you have removed the bacteria
from your skin. Skin to skin contact could be dangerous so make you have your
own towel, razors etc.


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