If You Are Exposed To Chlorine Fumes For A Minute Or So How Bad Are The Consequences, I Only Have A Cough That Hurts A Bit, Are There Things I'm Not Realizing Or That I Should Be Aware Of?


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Chlorine is a dangerous chemical when the exposure is too long. A minute for some individuals can prove to be rather dire, but you will realise this rather quickly. For most a minute of exposure will make one’s throat feel raw, but it will not damage any of your organs or cause death. Most individuals exposed to chlorine for a minute or so find that their skin will feel raw and their throat will hurt like they have a sore throat with a cold. A cough can develop because the throat is dry and hurting. Typically one is fine after a few hours especially if they have sought to rehydrate their throat with a soothing tea, milk or water.
Toxicity usually takes 30 minutes of exposure for the typical person. The reason 'typical' is used is because each person has a different level of sensitivity. Someone more sensitive to chemicals may discover they suffer from dire effects after 10 to 20 minutes. A person who is afflicted with an illness may suffer much earlier than a healthy person based on studies. For example, someone suffering from a lung disease, cancer and other diseases may not be able to handle the fumes for more than a minute or two. This is because their immune system has been weakened already. Prolonged exposure over a period of time can also lead to further issues. It takes time for any chemical, even chlorine, to leave the body. If you are consistently exposed to it you may become susceptible quicker than the average person. If you suspect chlorine toxicity you should see a physician. If your throat and cough do not subside after a few hours it is best to seek medical attention to be on the safer side.
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Dependent on the concentration of the fumes, eg was the chlorine pure or diluted down a minute is relatively negligible. I exposed myself a few times when cleaning the toilets in my old work to a major amount of chlorine fumes (as in I felt extreme tightness of chest, dizzy, painful watery eyes) because I mixed WAY to much bleach with water ( I wanted it cleaned hehe)

I recovered fully in about 10 mins and was a smoker at the time, a doctor will probably say much the same thing, if your lungs a reasonably healthy (as in non-smoker) and you have no other lung problems such as OCD or similer then you should be fine.
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I have inhale very concentrated chlorine fumes many many times from mixing certain chemicals that gives off white chlorine gas not as toxic as pure chlorine gas (mustard gas) but it is still toxic enough to kill you quite easily and I have had symptoms of chlorine poisoning but I survived but you should see a doctor because you could be allergic or very sensitive to chlorine but you don't have to see a doctor unless it last more than 2-3 hours if these symptoms you have get worse or last more than 2-3 hours see a doctor immediately. Just look up the symptoms of chlorine poisoning on google or another reliable search engine. Hope this helps
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Chlorine burns the lung tissue if inhaled. You may have burned the inside of your lungs. See a doctor before it gets worse. A minute is a long time. If it were for a second then I would say your lungs will heal quickly but a minute of inhaling chlorine fumes can severely damage your lungs.

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