How Long Does It Take Symptoms Of Alzheimer's Disease To Develop In An Elderly Person?


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Within the first year, symptoms appear.  In progressive stages, in ten years the person has lost most functions and dies.  Now, many symptoms may be delayed up to 20 years.  I knew one professor who was diagnosed Alzheimer's and was still teaching after 5 years.  Although he seemed completely mentally alert, he was depressed because it was like a death sentence to him.
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Alzheimer's can progress at a different rate in different people.  Some people go "down" rather quickly while others linger on for many years.  My Mother had the disease and it is devastating to the family to watch their loved one slip away.  When my Mom had it there was no drugs to help.  Hopefully, now that one drug has been developed to slow the progression of the disease, others will follow and possibly even a cure.
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When my mom had it, she was taken very quickly. She seemed normal except for the normal "I can't find my keys" and then all of a sudden, within weeks, she became as a three year old and had to taken care of every minute of every day, until she died, about two years later.

It just depends on the causes, and the individual person's overall condition I guess.
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Thanks Yarn. I'm worried my Dad may have it. He broke his pelvis and his hip a couple of weeks ago and is really having problems. There may be other causes though such as the operation and painkillers.
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I'm sorry to hear that. I cared for my Mom during the time she had it. I have read some people are so sorry that they "lost" their loved one to Alzheimer because the memories are all gone, and they don't recognize you, but for me I was glad I was there to help her. Do we love our infants less, just because they don't know our name? Of course not, it's just another phase of life. Humans start out being helpless, and if they live long enough, end up that way as well.

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