I've Been Getting Flashes Of Light In My Right Eye For Two Days. It Is Getting Worse. What Could This Mean And What Can/should I Do?


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I am an ophthalmic technichian & have worked in the field for 14 years.
The symptoms you have described could be several things and REMEMBER you should always get a Doctor's opinion before jumping to any conclusions.
In my opinion, it could just be something as simple as a vitreous floater, which is just a piece of the fluid that runs through the eye just floating around. Or A retinal detachment, more serious, and needs medical attention. The sooner you see a DR. The better at least for just piece of mind. You should have a dilated retinal exam to determine what the diagnosis is. Good luck!
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You should see your eye doc pronto. It could mean that your retina might be detaching.
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You should find an Opthamolagist. Something is going on in that eye. I finally found a good one here in Alaska that discovered I have Drusen in both my optic nerves and that I get migraines without the headache. Your vision is not something you want to take lightly. You may never know when it might go away. You have every right to request that your current doc refer one and if he doesn't, find a new doc.

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