My Blood Test Shows That My Monocyte Count Is 11.5. What Does That Signify? Any Disease?


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The normal reference range for monocytes is 3- 10% 11.5 is slightly elevated and could simply mean that you may have inflammation present. Your doctor should check you again in a week to see if the monocyte levels have increased or decreased. As of right now... 11.5 is only slightly elevated and nothing to worry about.
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thanks mati that figures after i went in they found out I may have lime and put me on antibiotic for a month....
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Yeah..Lime Disease would certainly elevate monos... stick with your meds hon.. and don't stop taking them until your doctor says you can... I hope you feel better soon. Let me know. :)
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I am not a doctor, but if you are concerned your doctor should have explained what it meant. And if he didn't, remember he works for you. Here is a website that I hope will help you too. Best wishes to you.

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