What Is Cancer Cell Count Blood Test Ca25.29?


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The cancer cell count blood test is a new test that can be taken which is claimed that it can differentiate a single cancer cell from up to a billion normal, healthy cells. The test was invented by a group of Boston scientists and it is hoped that it will soon be available to be tested in cancer centers across the United States.

It is believed that the cancer cells in the blood can be controlled more easily if they are spotted earlier than they currently are in most patients. The test looks for these cancer cells and then the relevant treatment for the cancer can be assigned. These tests will enable more treatments to be tried in different patients, which could inevitably have a major impact on the ongoing treatment of cancer.

Critics of the test have stated that even if a single cancer cell is found in the body, it does not necessarily mean that the patient has cancer, as the cells need to be involved in growth to create a tumor. They are also suggesting that the test, and its use as a screening tool, is not viable at the current time. The cell test is believed to trap the cancer cells intact and only a small amount of blood is needed to monitor what treatments may be best for the individual patients.

The test involves coating posts on a microchip with antibodies, which the cancer cells stick to; when these are stained, they glow and can be counted and used to determine the treatments needed.

The chip has been developed and it is currently being touted for mass production, if a cheaper, plastic version has the same results as the chip used in the tests to date. The tests will begin in four cancer centers across the country shortly and could be rolled out further if they are successful.

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